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15715 Main Street NE
Suite 102
WA 98019
TEL: (425) 788 - 2523

"I have had a close professional association with Dr. Lingam for the past 3 years and have had many opportunities to observe her work. She has shown herself to be talented, meticulous, caring, and conscientious and her patients can rest assured that they are receiving the finest, most up-to-date dental care available."

Scott A. Martin DDS, PS
General Practice Limited to Endodontics
Tuwila, WA

"For the past few years, we have had the great privilege of working closely with Dr Lingham. We have found her to be a dedicated and caring dental professional with outstanding clinical skills. We have truly enjoyed working with her and assisting in the care of her patients."

Dr. Ralf F. Schuler DDS, MSD
Pacific Northwest Periodontics
Seattle, WA

"Dr. Lingam has a compassion for her art and her patients. Her ability to see where I came from and where I wanted to go with my dental health gave me a confidence in her ability. She let my teeth and older dental work assist in telling the story. She has a patient and personal touch with children, anxious adults and seasoned-dental-chair veterans as myself. Add to this, her concern for your comfort during procedures, and you have a great champion on your team.

Her vision for my dental well being went beyond the desire to correct older dental work. She addressed my gum health, nighttime grinding and nutritional adjustments to assure the longevity of the work that was done. Somewhere between the bridgework, the crowns and dental hygiene routine, my teeth got a second life. My self-confidence came back with my smile and my diet expanded with the ability to eat without fear of breaking or losing more teeth.

She has such a wealth of knowledge and training in her field and a drive to continue learning more. Not just new procedures, but the why’s of changing methods and materials in dentistry. Rest assured, if it’s new and can benefit your situation; Dr. Lingam will consider it an option and find resources that can make it happen.

She has a resource team that maintains the same high standards for workmanship and compassion. That means a lot to me, to know that if the doc doesn’t know, they know someone who does. This is a sign of a true human behind the mechanics of dentistry."

Ardith Beitel
Renton, WA

"Dr, Lingam is respected by both her patients as well as colleagues and associates as shown when I was referred to a specialist who informed me that he only took referrals from a small number of local dentists. She provides her patients with clear, easy to understand information and is always ready to listen to questions and concerns. Dr. Lingam has a calm, reassuring demeanor that puts patients at ease and has skill that proves itself in positive outcomes from difficult procedures. She always takes the patient's feelings and needs into the decision making process for any procedure, but doesn't hesitate to advise her patients when there might be a better alternative. I would recommend her for individuals and families looking for a positive dental experience."

Victoria Cohen
Renton, Washington